Decision Dynamics 360™


Decision Dynamics 360™ helps leaders and co-workers to develop or evaluate an efficient work methodology and leadership.

To measure a person's competencies with a 360° tool, the person's self-rating is compared to ratings from seniors, colleagues and direct reports. Thus experiences are collected from all around the person, 360 degrees. This approach has been an invaluable tool in many organizations for evaluation of leadership, feedback sessions, leadership training and developing the collaboration in a group or in a project. Decision Dynamics 360™ is also used for competency planning, succession planning and talent management.

Our Decision Dynamics 360™ set-up include a number of solutions for different needs. Both products specifically developed and statistically validated for e g measuring leader development, team and measurement of emotionall intelligence, as well as solutions that are custom-made for each client, where the client's own competencies may be used as starting point.




  • LeaderView360: Planning, problem solving, control and follow-up (middle managers)
  • ManagerView360: Task management, problem-solving, interpersonal and communication (all levels)
  • ExecutiveView360: Performance leadership, change, interpersonal and personal leadership (senior leaders)
  • Transformational LeadershipView360



  • Emotional IntelligenceView360: Self-management, communication and relationship management (all levels)
  • PerformanceView360



  • TeamView360: Managing relationships, planning, problem solving, controlling, managing self, leading and communication



  • SalesView360
  • Sales ManagerView360


Do you already have a set of competencies that you want to measure?

  • CustomView 360: Create a customized questionnaire based on competencies you already have available